How to apply for the European Jazz Competition

End of each year, the Jazz radio-producers from the public broadcasting organizations from all over Europe have the possibility to send in two bands to the ‘ Preliminary Rounds’  of the European Jazz Competition.

Please take notice that these jazz radio-producers (team) make the decision which band(s) will be selected for this occasion. They base this judgment upon live recorded material.

This live audio could be recorded in the studio of the particular broadcaster, but could also be a live recording that was recorded at a festival or any other live material recorded by the band itself.

Four or five groups from these preliminary rounds will be selected for the Finals of the European Jazz Competition. These Finals will be aired by EBU affiliated broadcasters.

Do you want to know which public broadcasters in your territory has the privilege to select band for the preliminary rounds of the European Jazz Competition? Download the list active EBU membersand look for this information for your country.


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