EBU European Jazz Competition

The European Jazz Competition was initiated in the fall of 2006 by the cooperation of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), the North Sea Jazz Festival and the Dutch Foundation of the European Jazz Competition. The yearly (since 2014) European Jazz Competition offers worldwide support in the promotion, increase of the international appearances and identity of European jazz talent.

In 2016 the name is changed to Ëuroradio Jazz Competition.  This name better reflects the connection with Euroradio, the department of the EBU that is participating in the EJC.

Jan-Willem Luyken, Director of the North Sea Jazz Festival: “Over the years we’ve seen a change in regard to the origin of jazztalent, the normal overflow of American groups made way for more European input. That makes it great to welcome the finals of the competition with best young talent from all over Europe”

Pierre-Yves Tribolet, former Secreatary and Manager of Euroradio and Music programmes of the EBU: “Attracting young listeners and promoting young talents are mottos for Public Service Radios, but not enough is done in the jazz field. Therefore, besides the European Youth jazz Orchestra, the EBU European Jazz Competition is a unique opportunity to complete the mandate of radios Member of the European Broadcasting Union.

The EBU (Euroradio management) produces the qualifying (preliminary) rounds of the European Jazz Competition. European member (public broadcasting-) organizations of the EBU could participate by nominating one or two local groups and send in recent live recordings of these groups. These groups should be made out of musicians with an average age not over 30 years.

The EBU -jury, consisting of jazz radioproducers from all over Europe, selects in a blindfolded way four finalists. 

The Dutch Foundation of the European Jazz Competition is responsible for funding and organizing the finals of the competition. Each finalist presents an adequate performance of 30 minutes. The EBU, the best media partner you can come accross, will organise radio broadcasts of these finals at their affiliated radio stations all over Europe.

In addition to the European radio promotion, winning the European Jazz Award means also that the group is invited to play on main jazz festival(s) in Europe.

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