Euroradio – at the service of music

The Euroradio network of 73 Members, Associates and Approved Participants covers the entire European broadcasting area, from Reykjavík to Cairo, from Madeira to Moscow. Public radio broadcasters from Europe and well beyond have access each year to around 3,500 concerts of every genre (pop/rock, jazz, world music and folk), not to mention, of course, the entire range of Classical music. Each concert is taken on average by seven organizations, meaning that a Euroradio concert has an audience of around 2 million listeners.

Radio collaboration covers music, news, sport, youth programmes, local and regional stations.

Euroradio public broadcasters participate in many joint projects, such as the Euroradio Jazz Competition, Notturno night-time programming, the Concertino Praga and Let the Peoples Sing competitions, and the Euroradio Jazz Orchestra. The Euroradio Season consists of numerous events followed by eager listeners: Operas, Premium Concerts, Jazz and special one-day events, like the traditional Christmas Music Day, which invites audiences throughout the world to share, hour after hour, from 9.00 to midnight, in the intense musical experience of 15 countries centered around this joyful season.

These are just some of the highlights of Euroradio which help make it the world’s largest concert hall as well as an outstanding means of cultural promotion.

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