Sisters of Invention

Sister of Invention, credit Andrea Marunga

The sisters started to make music together at a very early age. Their collaboration has lead to numerous things. To mention a few: Two well received records: "Om&Om Igen" and ”Navigating". ”Navigating" was released in 2015 and on two tracks they are joined by the well known Swedish saxophonist Jonas Kullhammar.

Trough the years they have played at a great deal of places in Sweden with their live-duo Sisters of Invention Duo. The live duo is based on improvisation and instrumental craftsmanship, the setting is drums and saxophone as a base, and added to the sound is vocal, loop-station, drum-pad and glockenspiel. The music can be described as colorful and groovy but at the same time poetic and vulnerable. They focus on strong melodies and rhythms and as a listener you can prepare yourself to be surprised over the variety of sounds and styles being made by such a small amount of components.

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