Flash Pig (FRA)

Nominated by broadcasting organization FRSRF

After meeting in 2009 at the Paris Conservatoire (CNSM), the twin brothers Maxime Sanchez (pianist) and Adrien Sanchez (saxophonist) along with the drummer Gautier Garrigue and Florent Nisse (bass) make  “Flash Pig”.
The quartet decided to play  especially Maxime compositions  and works from the start on to open music without compromise, in which all members of the band will find freedom. But it is also indebted to the American free jazz scene of the 70, contemporary European and the New York jazz scene.
In 2014, their first by the French press well received album appeared:  "Still Remain". The same year the band starts an artistic residency at the jazz club "Les Disquaires" in Paris.

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